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Education is the key to SUCCESS!

AACT is a Continuing Education Training Center for Licensed Technicians in the Beauty Industry. Our Goal is to bring Innovative, Creative, Cutting Edge, Educated, and well Knowledgeable classes to you at an affordable price. It's time to take Our Industry back so we can continue doing what we Love!!!!


We offer Continuing Education Hour Courses!!!!

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contact us @ (872) 731-9398 


Professional License Renewal for Even Years

2020, 2022, 2024, 2026, etc.

Cosmetologist Instructor: Expires September 30th

24 CEU

Esthetics Instructor: Expires September 30th

20 CEU

Nail Technician Instructor: Expires October 31st

20 CEU

Hair Braiding Instructor: Expires October 31st

20 CEU

Nail Technician: Expires October 31st

10 CEU 

Hair Braiding: Expires October 31st

10 CEU

Professional License Renewal for Odd Years

2021, 2023, 2025, 2027, etc.

Cosmetologist: Expires September 30th

14 CEU

Barbers: Expires July 31st


Esthetician: Expires September 30th

10 CEU 

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